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   » Our experience
Our experience
has taught us to design things that can be built at low cost so that they can be manufactured profitably. We have worked with highly seasonal markets and we realize the importance of deadlines. We can be depended upon to respond quickly whenever problems arise because we realize that a design is complete only when the product ships.

Take advantage of our lower operating costs as well as fast turnaround time in providing quality, state of the art solutions for any project given to us. Our esteemed clients

   » Customer Feedback
“... True ' from concept to complete'
solutions ...”
Jitesh Saini

“... Very fast, accurate and reliable services ...”
Hitendra Jadeja

“... One man army, he can do anything oneself ...”
Mrunal Kulkarni

“... Microcontroller unlocking service is great...”
S. P. Shukla

“... Student project service is very fast and accurate...”
Nayan Bhatt

Company overview

Aminij Embedded Solutions was established in mid 2001 by a team of young, devoted developers familiar to a large variety of technologies, programming languages and techniques and with the view of providing the best products and solutions for customers globally.

We provide Custom Designed and Manufactured products. As a full service provider for embedded hardware and software for the Indian and export markets, we have built up our core strength in embedded design using Microcontrollers, DSP, FPGA, CPLD, GAL, PAL etc.

We are highly experienced in design, development & manufacturing of embedded electronics products. Our average varieties of products span the industrial, automotive. Biotech and consumer markets.

We have links with several related service providers including electronics manufacturing, engineering plastics, tool / die making, sheet metal and stamped products, cast products using aluminum and steel and finally high technology electronics manufacturing services like surface mount assembly, PTH assembly, die bonding etc.
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Our mission

We have established a reputation in the electronics industry where we are known
to provide complete technical solutions,
which have been implemented and
marketed successfully. Our core competence today is in new designs and indigenization of products slated for mass manufacture.

We are committed to providing low cost, innovative solutions quickly and designed to work correctly the first time. As we have
many experienced persons familiar to latest programming language vastly used in embedded fields such as assembly, c, c++, visual basic, visual c++, java etc.

We have provided design solutions for
various industries in the automobile, telecommunications, biomedical, biotech, industrial and consumer areas. Our designs span the above spectrum and we are conversant with technical requirements for a wide range of products.

   » Our capabilities

We have expertise in system engineering, software design and development under DOS, Linux and Windows. Our core team members are experts in RF, Power, Industrial controls, Mechanical design, Enclosure design, Front panel design, Packaging and rapid prototyping.

We can provide you with the either just the design or go all the way up to supplying you with completely assembled and tested products. Our pricing is very competitive and we have the contacts, resources and experience to deliver results.

We have also developed Application Specific Standard Product [ASSP] devices which are used widely and in various forms to manufacture high-tech products. Our ASSP products are mostly Industrial products like Timers, Counters, Temperature Controllers, Frequency Counters etc., which are customized, or our standard products are used by various manufacturers for their standard product.

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